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Random Questions NYC

The Real RQ

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Random Questions:

This is a random question community. You are encouraged to ask questions about anything.

NYC as a theme:

I want to emphasize that NYC is only a theme. Members are welcome to be from anywhere and talk about anything. One of my foremost hopes is that this community will embody the spirit and character of NYC. I hope that this becomes a community of people who are strong and opinionated, intelligent, honest, terse and willing to fight, trendsetters who will ask fresh questions and give fresh answers. Anyone who is quiet or shies away from confrontation, for example, will probably not enjoy this community.


You make the rules.
One particularly unique characteristic of rq_nyc is the fact that it will be run democratically. Each member can register to vote. Once they do members are entitled to help with rule making and electing mods. While things are getting started I will reserve the right to enforce a reasonable set of rules without oversight. Once the first mods have been selected I will no longer intervene unless absolutely necessary.

These rules will be updated when I have some members.

Your benign lord is rq_nyc_god. Feel free to contact me for any reason. Voter registration and voting will happen in my journal.

You can register to vote by commenting on this post.